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Generated At: Mon Jan 21 14:51:59 PST 2019

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Stations within 50 nm of KMHV
KMHV2:20 PM10 sm Clear 280° at 42 gusting to 53 kt46.4°F32.0°F29.91"
9L21:58 PM9 sm Clear 260° at 12 gusting to 20 kt53.6°F27.5°F29.99"
KTSP2:35 PM8 smLight RainOvercast 600' 290° at 15 gusting to 23 kt33.8°F32.0°F30.08"
KEDW1:58 PM10 sm Clear 260° at 22 gusting to 30 kt50.0°F31.6°F29.98"
KWJF1:56 PM10 sm Clear 280° at 26 gusting to 35 kt48.0°F32.0°F30.04"
KPMD1:53 PM4 smHazeFew 200' 280° at 28 gusting to 38 kt48.9°F30.0°F30.05"
KSDB2:30 PM10 sm Broken 900', Overcast 1500' 340° at 18 gusting to 28 kt36.0°F30.9°F30.07"
KNID1:56 PM10 sm Clear 270° at 22 gusting to 27 kt57.9°F25.0°F29.91"
KVCV1:49 PM10 sm Clear 240° at 21 gusting to 33 kt  30.00"
KWHP1:55 PM10 sm Clear 310° at 15 kt57.2°F28.4°F30.08"
KBFL1:54 PM10 sm Broken 3700', Overcast 4900' 330° at 9 kt54.0°F39.0°F30.17"

Category Ceiling   Visiblity
LIFR below 500' and/or less than 1 mile
IFR below 1,000' and/or less than 3 miles
MVFR below 3,000' and/or less than 5 miles
VFR 3,000' or greater and 5 miles or greater

The lowest reported ceiling's height is always bold.
A bold report time indicates a correction.
Any report older than 3 hours is indicated in this color.
Reports older than 48 hours are omitted.

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