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Generated At: Tue Jun 22 03:22:06 PDT 2021

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Stations within 50 nm of KT67
KAFW4:53 AM10 sm Few 12000' 020° at 6 kt64.9°F61.0°F30.01"
KFTW4:53 AM10 sm Clear 030° at 6 kt66.0°F62.1°F30.01"
KNFW4:52 AM10 sm Clear 020° at 4 kt69.1°F62.1°F30.02"
KDFW4:53 AM10 sm Few 12000' 030° at 6 kt66.9°F62.1°F30.00"
KDTO4:53 AM10 sm Clear 360° at 4 kt63.0°F62.1°F30.02"
KLUD4:55 AM10 sm Clear 040° at 5 kt62.2°F58.5°F30.03"
KFWS4:55 AM10 sm ClearCalm66.7°F61.3°F30.03"
KGKY4:53 AM10 sm Few 3700' 050° at 5 kt72.0°F63.0°F30.01"
KGPM6:50 PM10 sm Clear 340° at 18 gusting to 25 kt77.0°F64.4°F29.92"
KXBP4:55 AM10 sm ClearCalm59.2°F59.2°F30.05"
KDAL4:53 AM10 sm Few 3000', Few 25000' 060° at 4 kt69.1°F62.1°F30.01"
KADS4:55 AM10 sm Clear 060° at 4 kt66.7°F61.0°F30.03"
KRBD4:53 AM10 sm Broken 3900' 060° at 6 kt69.1°F63.0°F30.00"
KMWL4:53 AM10 sm Clear 360° at 4 kt64.0°F59.0°F30.02"
KCPT1:15 AM10 smThunderstorm(s) in the vicinityOvercast 5500' 050° at 6 kt69.8°F66.2°F30.05"
KGDJ4:55 AM10 sm Broken 2800', Broken 10000'Calm69.8°F61.0°F30.04"
KJWY4:55 AM10 sm Overcast 3300' 040° at 5 kt67.1°F64.4°F30.02"
KLNC4:55 AM10 sm Overcast 3700' 040° at 6 kt67.6°F63.5°F30.02"
KTKI4:53 AM10 sm Clear 040° at 3 kt64.9°F62.1°F30.02"
0F24:55 AM10 sm Clear 360° at 3 kt59.7°F57.4°F30.05"
KGLE4:55 AM10 sm Clear 010° at 4 kt59.4°F58.3°F30.06"
KHQZ4:55 AM10 sm Clear 040° at 4 kt66.6°F64.4°F30.01"
F464:55 AM1 1/2 smMistVertical Visibility 700' 070° at 7 kt66.2°F66.2°F30.01"

Category Ceiling   Visiblity
LIFR below 500' and/or less than 1 mile
IFR below 1,000' and/or less than 3 miles
MVFR below 3,000' and/or less than 5 miles
VFR 3,000' or greater and 5 miles or greater

The lowest reported ceiling's height is always bold.
A bold report time indicates a correction.
Any report older than 3 hours is indicated in this color.
Reports older than 48 hours are omitted.

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